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David Ball leads song service on Sunday Morning
Cyndi (Young) Weidner provides piano accompaniment for song service
Herb Coates (Son of Herbert H. Coates) is coordinator for Sunday Morning worship
Fadra "Phoebe" (Coates) Delamarter shares a story about Grandma Coates premonitions.  At breakfast one Saturday morning, Grandma said she dreamed Grandpa, Norma and Phoebe were killed taking an airplane ride.  No one had told Grandma, but Norma had arranged an airplane ride for herself, Phoebe and grandpa that same day.  They did not take the ride! 
Herb H. Coates tells one of the many Coates family stories
Pat (Groves) Neuman tells about trips with Grandpa and Grandma Coates
Greg Groves leads morning prayer
Coates grandkids and great-grandkids gather for children's sermon
More Coates grandkids and great-grandkids
Bob Coates presents children's sermon with help from Rocky & Rosie
Rosie waits for words from her master
Bob Coates explains why all of us need to listen for "The Master's voice"
Rocky also helps with a portion of the sermon
Taryn Coates (daughter of Stephen & Laura Coates) provides scripture lesson by reciting Hebrews chapter 11 from memory.
David Ball (Husband of Celesta Coates, son-in-law of Herbert H. Coates) leads singing for Sunday morning worship
Stephen Coates (Son of Herbert Coates) preaches sermon for Sunday morning worship service

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