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Left to right: Mike Schien (son of Richard & Linda, grandson of Norma (Coates) Schien); Dan Fleischer (husband of Julie (Schien) Fleischer, son-in-law of Richard and Linda Schien, grandson of Norma (Coates) Schien); Adin Fleischer (son of Dan & Julie Fleischer, great-grandson of Norma (Coates) Schien)
Dan Fleischer loading Potato into Spud Canon with Mike Schien assisting
Mike & Dan prepare to fire canon with Adin Fleischer (son of Dan & Julie Fleischer) observing
View of from deck Young Lodge showing stairway with lake in background
Spud Canon observers on deck of Young Lodge
Foreground: Jason Wickersham (son of Jim & Donna (Young) Wickersham, grandson of Roberta Young) and Tom Ackerman (husband of Carrie Wickersham (daughter of Jim & Donna Wickersham, granddaughter of Roberta Young)

Center of photo: Mike Schien & Greg Groves (son of Lorene Groves)

Mike Schien & Greg Groves prepare to launch
Steve Schien (son of Jim & Nancy Schien, grandson of Norma (Coates) Schien) pumps air for air powered spud canon as Schien grandkids observe
Left to right: Jason Rosentreter (son of Barb Dugger, grandson of Norma (Coates) Schien); Mike Schien, Marissa (friend of Jason)
Clockwise: Marissa, Mike Schien, Dan Fleischer, Adin, Abigail & Abraham Fleischer, Zane Holmes (son of Rob Holmes and stepson of Sheryl (Delamarter) Holmes, grandson of Fadra (Coates) Delamarter) & Steve Schien
Zane Holmes takes a turn pumping air for the air powered spud canon

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