Fadra Delamarter


Merlin Coates
Norma Schien
Lorene Groves
Roberta Young
Fadra Delamarter
Herbert Coates
Robert Coates
Reunion 2004
Reunion 2006
C.H. Coates Reunion 2008


Phoebe (Coates) Delamarter
Phoebe & Walter Delamarter
Phoebe's family - Photos of those not able to attend
Sherry (Delamarter) Holmes with Stepson Zane
Bob Delamarter in front with wife Linn and son Devon
Devon Delamarter, son of Bob Delamarter and grandson of Phoebe (Coates) Delamarter
Phaedra & Jason Kirin with their two sons, Reid (3 yrs old) and Ellis Walter (born 1/01/11)

Phaedra is the daughter of Sherry (Delamarter) Holmes and the granddaughter of Phoebe (Coates) Delamarter

Reid (3 yrs old) and Ellis Water (born 1/01/2011) sons of Phaedra and Jason Kirin, Great-Grandsons of Phoebe (Coates) Delamarter)

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