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Maggie Rosentreter plays flute (daughter of Barb Dugger, granddaughter of Jim & Nancy Schien, great-granddaughter of Norma (Coates) Schien) accompanied on the piano by her mother, Barbara Dugger
Hannah Groves (daughter of Greg & Sue Groves, granddaughter of Lorene (Coates) Groves) performs a song in sign language
Wes & Bryce Ball (sons of Dave & Celesta (Coates) Ball, grandsons of Herbert H. Coates) perform two numbers from "The Music Man"
13 People Drama includes 3rd & 4th generation Coates cousins
13 People Drama concludes with everyone in prayer
Brenda (Groves) Schrage (daughter of Lorene (Coates) Groves) sings while Cyndi (Young) Weidner (daughter of Roberta (Coates) Young) accompanies on piano
Groves sisters (daughters of Lorene (Coates) Groves) sing "The Umbrella Man" from sheet music Beverly found at an Alton, IL antique store...sheet music that had the name "Fadra Coates" written on it.  Fadra (Coates) Delamarter was the previous owner.
Lorene (Coates) Groves, Fadra (Coates) Delamarter, Roberta (Coates) Young and Herb Coates join the Groves sisters in "The Umbrella Man"
Frank Dugger (husband of Barbara Dugger, son-in-law of Jim & Nancy Schien, grandson-in-law of Norma (Coates) Schien sings solo
Lorene (Coates) Groves sings song from depression days
Lorene (Coates) Groves: "I may be a hobo but I'm not a bum"
Stephen Coates (son of Gerald & Jan Coates, grandson of Herbert Coates) quickly drew a cartoon image of "Scooby Doo"
Stephen Coates demonstrated how he could easily change "25" or the letter "h" into cartoon characters.
Joshua Ball (son of David & Celesta (Coates) Ball, grandson of Herbert Coates) performs piano solo
Sarah Groves (daughter of Greg & Sue Groves, granddaughter of Lorene (Coates) Groves) recites "The Gettysburg Address"
Fadra Coates (daughter of Chuck & Christy Coates, granddaughter of Herbert Coates) provides voices for Samson & Delilah skit as Olivia & Marjory wait for their part in the skit
Sharla Ball (daughter of David & Celesta (Coates) Ball, granddaughter of Herbert Coates) plays the part of Samson in a skit performed by 4 granddaughters of Herbert Coates
Olivia Coates (daughter of Chuck & Christy Coates, granddaughter of Herbert Coates) plays part of Delilah in skit
Delilah (Olivia Coates) cuts Samson's (Sharla Ball) hair as Sampson and Delilah skit continues
Entire Young family joins in "Tribute" to Lindh & Roberta Young
Jim Wickersham (husband of Donna (Young) Wickersham, son-in-law of Roberta (Coates) Young) shares his "Donald Duck" voice with everyone as he performs "I'll be loving you, Always" in Tribute to Lindh & Roberta Young
Entire Young family joins Jim Wickersham for finale of "Tribute"

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