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Norma (Coates) Schien, Herb Coates, Fadra (Coates) Delamarter
Jessica Schien and Maggie Rosentreter swinging Adin Fleischer (Grandchildren of Richard and Linda Schien, Great-grandchildren of Norma (Coates) Schien)
Fadra (Coates) Delamarter, Herb & Mary Coates

(Seated just prior to Coates Reunion 2004 photo)

Lindh Young, Roberta (Coates) Young & Lorene (Coates) Groves

(Seated just prior to Coates Reunion 2004 photo)

Groves family furnished, prepared and served lunch on Saturday
3 meals were catered by Iron Skillet Catering of Effingham, IL

Special "Kids menu" was prepared for each of the 3 catered meals

Left to right (reverse order by age): Robert Coates, Herbert Coates, Fadra (Coates) Delamarter, Roberta (Coates) Young, Lorene (Coates) Groves and Norma (Coates) Schien
Bob Coates leads "Tell a Joke/Tell a Story"
Born in 1957 - Left to Right: Greg Groves, Rob Young, Lisa Coates, Herb Coates
Everyone gets to eat, including 8 day old Xian Keevan Lyles
Silas Groves (Son of Greg Groves) had fun even with his arm in a cast
Left to right: Phoebe (Coates) Delamarter, Kari Groves, Norma (Coates) Schien, Dana Marshall holding Andrew & Doug Marshall
John Schien & Jim Schien
Sisters greet each other on front porch of Young Lodge

Foreground: Lorene, Fadra (Phoebe) and Norma

Doug Marshall, Kari Groves, Dana Marshall holding Andrew
Rob Young & Jim Marshall
John Schien, Lorene (Coates) Groves, Fadra (Coates) Delamarter & Norma (Coates) Schien
Linda Schien, Maggie Rosentreter, Jessica Schien, Abigail Fleischer & Richard Schien
Jessica Schien, Maggie Rosentreter, Stephanie Rosentreter, Julie Fleischer
Karen Schien, Mary Coates, Linda Schien, Laura Coates
Dining area in Young Lodge
Brad & Melissa (Groves) Davitt play card game with sons Mason, Ethan, Colin and Alden
Foreground: Jim Neumann II & Joseph Groves
T. J. Nappier, Jim Neumann and Roxanne Neumann help prepare Saturday lunch

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