Old C.H. Photos


Old H.O. Photos
Old C.H. Photos


Photos from 1950 or before

C. H. & Fadra Coates at Alton Free Methodist Church
                                    Front row: Bob, Fadra, Herb

C.H. Coates family - Middle row: Grandma (Fadra), Roberta, Grandpa (C. H.)

                                    Back row: Lorene, Merlin, Norma

Lorene, C. H. & Norma Coates
Fadra, Bob & Herb Coates
Merlin Coates family - Front row: Keith & Joyce Coates

                                        Back row: Evelyn, Merlin & Ron Coates                                     

Lindh & Roberta (Coates) Young family - Front row: Cindy & Rob Young

                                                                         Back row: Donna, Roberta & Lindh Young

Fadra (Phoebe) Delamarter
1949 photo of old car in Carlinville, IL Halloween Parade

Left to right: Dean Chalfant, Lindh Young, John Schien & Walter Delamarter












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