Lawrence E. Coates

Lawrence E. Coates



Descendants of Lawrence E Coates
Generation 1

LAWRENCE EARNEST COATES-1. He was born on 08 May 1897 in Petroleum, Allen, Kentucky. He died on 30 Sep 1972 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Fact 1 in Social Security #: 401-62-1177. Fact 2 in State of issue: KY. Burial in Bethel Cem., Warren Cnty, KY.


ANGIE PENNINGTON. She was born Abt. 1897 in Kentucky. She died on 23 Sep 1972.


LAWRENCE EARNEST COATES & ANGIE PENNINGTON. They were married on 13 Mar 1926 in Smith's Grove, Kentucky. They had 1 child.


LOUIE ELWOOD COATES. He was born on 13 Aug 1926. He married Frances Lewis. They were married on 02 Oct 1966 in North Vernon, IN.

Generation 2

LOUIE ELWOOD COATES-2 (Lawrence Earnest Coates-1). He was born on 13 Aug 1926.


WANDA COLE. She was born on 25 Nov 1945 in Indianapolis, IN. She died on 26 Feb 2000.


LOUIE ELWOOD COATES & WANDA COLE. They were married on 20 Apr 1987 in Parsonage of Mount Auburn Church; Greenwood, IN. They had no children.


FRANCES LEWIS. She was born on 29 Nov 1927 in North Vernon, IN. She died on 18 Jul 1977 in Greewood, IN.


LOUIE ELWOOD COATES & FRANCES LEWIS. They were married on 02 Oct 1966 in North Vernon, IN. They had 1 child.


WENDY LOUISE COATES. She was born on 14 Jan 1967.

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